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We try to ensure that ordering online is as quick and easy as possible, but we know that there are sometimes problems that can cause delays with your order, or with the communication with you. Here are just a few of the most common causes of order delays:

Shipping Address Not the Same as Billing Address

These days Credit card companies are paranoid about fraud prevention and may place a hold on orders that are shipping to an address that is not on their client's account. Often it may be just a typo in the postcode or the first line of the address, just double check the details are correct. If you are regularly delivering to a different address then a quick call to your credit card company can eliminate delays. Just have them add the additional shipping address to your account

Email Address Errors

Just a simple error, such as leaving off the or .com at the end of your email address can result in you not receiving an order confirmation email. Ensure you double check your email address when entering your order to ensure there are no typos. You should receive an email immediately after your order is placed.

Home or Mobile Phone Numbers Not Provided

It's a good idea to provide us with a phone number where you can be reached throughout the day. If we encounter a problem with your order, we may call you to resolve the issue quickly. For example, some credit card companies have a limit for daily spending, which you may not be aware of. We also provide the couriers with your contact number so they can contact you if there is any issue regarding delivery.

Spam Filters

These days most email programs and email providers have spam filters to remove unwanted junk mail.  Sometimes, order confirmation emails may be filtered as spam, since they are sent immediately through an automated system. If you don't receive an email from us immediately after you place your order, you may wish to check your spam filter for your confirmation email. Please see our privacy policy for any concerns you may have about providing your email address.

Courier Issues

All of our products are delivered by third party couriers.  These include Royal Mail, TNT, UPS, and City Link, as well as others.  All couriers will attempt to delivery at the earliest opportunity. Standard delivery is next business day, any time up to 6.00pm.  If you require your delivery before a certain time then please state this on your order and upgrade the delivery to the best timed option available for you. If you know of any difficulties you have had in the past with deliveries and drivers finding your location, please let us know so we can pass the information on to the drivers. However as they all use the road network, they can be held up by delays caused by road traffic accidents, road works, and weather. We will always chase our delivery providers to ensure your products are delivered as quickly as possible.

If you have questions about your order, please call us at 0800 170 7012

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